How The Clothes Whisperer Moved Shop in Melbourne

The Clothes Whisperer – a local fashion shop selling new and second hand clothing and accessories – opened shop in central Melbourne back in 1999. My name is Kristen and I opened the shop in hope that I could help local Melbourne men and women expand their wardrobe with beautiful clothing and accessories at an affordable price. I found that many of my friends and family were looking for high fashion garments without the hefty price tag and many of these people didn’t want to do this online. After finding an great store location on Lonsdale Street, I started gathering a collection of quality men and women’s clothing and soon opened up shop.

It was clear from the very beginning that The Clothes Whisperer was one of central Melbourne’s leading new and used clothing shops, as customers flowed in frequently throughout the day – some were even lining up early in the morning before the store opened to get their hands on great garments!

After 16 years of successfully running the shop, it was obvious that we needed to expand – both with our team and our shop. With the shop so crowded with both customers and fashion items, we started the hunt for a new shop location.

We wanted to continue business in central Melbourne, as we found this bought in plenty of foot traffic on both weekdays and weekends. After only a few weeks of searching, we found a great spot just around the corner on Elizabeth Street.

To ensure that the move was as easy and stress-free as possible for our team, we did our research beforehand to make sure everything was prepared and ready for the big move.

As a result of the move being so easy, we wanted to help others by creating a useful website with tips, advice and recommendations that helped us to move.

The Clothes Whisperer - Shop Move

About the name ‘The Clothes Whisperer’

Before we get into our big shop move, I wanted to talk a bit about the name ‘The Clothes Whisperer’ as it’s one of the most common questions I get asked by customers.

As I mentioned earlier, I opened the shop with an idea in mind to provide local customers with an place for buying affordable, quality fashion items. As a lot of people are now shopping online, more and more shops were closing down – but I saw that there was still a demand for that ‘in store’ experience.

I opened up shop to some friends and family before it was open to the public. When they came in, I noticed that what I was providing was more than just a shop for buying clothes… it was a consultancy service too! Having been in the fashion industry for many years, I was able to provide them with advice and recommendations for putting outfits together. After giving advice to a friend, she commented saying that I was ‘The Clothes Whisperer’… and the name stuck from there!

The Clothes Whisperer - Moving Shops

Top tips that helped us with our move

As a huge perfectionist, I made sure to do my research well in advance to the shop moving date, as I didn’t want to encounter any issues or nasty surprises on the day. I searched through many websites, blogs and books to see what would be required for a stress free and easy move.

I compiled a list of top tips and implemented them during our move. I can safely say, it really made a difference and I would hate to think how difficult the move would have been without it!

Take a look at my list of Top 10 Moving Tips here. It includes awesome tips like using second hand packing materials to keep costs down and time frames for packing.

Companies we used and can highly recommend

It’s always good to deal with companies that have been recommended to you – as oppose to trying someone new and having the potential to be disappointed or let down.

I’ve compiled a list of the companies in which we dealt with during our move, all of which we found to be extremely professional and reliable. One of these companies we used were local Melbourne cash for cars who provided us with an extremely helpful service when we needed to sell our car after it died during the shift. We previously used Rapid Car Removal, however they were busy on the day so recommended the other compayj

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